12 Furlong Road, Bourne End
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Opening Hours:

9:00am – 5:00pm (Mon-Fri)
By appointment only

Clinic Numbers

01628 969077
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Procedures in the community at a fair price

The Bourne End Clinic is a specialist clinic for interventions. We carry out Minor surgical procedures in the community for a very competitive price. Procedures include Minor Surgery and Vasectomy. Minor Surgery includes the removal of a variety of skin lesions like Cysts, Lipomas, Moles, Age Warts, Split Earlobe Repairs and Xanthelasmas (Cholesterol deposits around the eyes).

Services and Treatments

Minor Surgery

We offer a large variety of Minor Surgery procedures, more than most other services you can find on the internet. On top of the usual Lipomas and cysts we also offer mole removal, age wart removal, Xanthelasma removal (Cholesterol deposits in eyelids), Split Earlobe repairs, Skin Tag Removal, Scar removal and more. If you are in doubt, please give our service a ring and we will be able to advise. But prior to ringing, just go onto our minor surgery website A good study of this website is highly recommended.

How to book a Minor Surgery consultation

Please go to and familiarise yourself with the procedures we offer. All you do then is pay online for a Minor Surgery Consultation and we will contact you within 24-48 working hours.

Painfree Surgery

Dr Kittel is very experienced in providing local anaesthetisia. Many patients are very worried before Minor Surgery. You dont have to be. Just read our reviews and then meet Dr Kittel and you will find you do not need to worry as you will be taken care off by a true professional.


If the picture here does not only create joy, but also a little fear in you, you are probably ready for a vasectomy. We consider No-scalpel vasectomy requests from men aged 18 to 80. Dr Kittel is very quick and your vasectomy can be finished in 10 minutes. He also knows how to reassure anxious patients and is very experienced in local anaesthesia to avoid pain. He has carried out in excess of 13,000 vasectomies.

How to book a No-Scalpel vasectomy

We recommend you familiarise yourself with our website The website will clearly outline the easy few steps you need to take to book your vasectomy.

Painfree vasectomy & experience

Dr Kittel uses double strength local anaesthetic for vasectomy. The very large majority of patients are completely pain free. And we will always have more local anaesthetic available should more be required. 

Dr Kittel has carried out vasectomies for 20 years and completes 99.9% of all patients. Thus, if someone else tells you your vasectomy cannot be done, ask him for a second opinion. 

If you know you may be a difficult vasectomy (previous surgery, torsion of the testicle, undescended testicle etc.) please see us straight away as sometimes it is very difficult to fix what has gone wrong elsewhere. 

If Dr Kittel cannot carry out your vasectomy, no one else in the UK can do it in a community setting under local anaesthetic.  Again, this is extremely rare with Dr Kittel.

Important Patient Information


Just call our office on 01628 969077 between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday

You can email us on We will respond during working hours.

Paperwork - very convenient & online

We offer a convenient and efficient service. All information will be emailed to you and everything you complete for us on your phone will directly save into your medical record.

We start with 2 forms, an application form and a pre-consent form, which will give you and the doctor all information you need. You can complete these on your phone.

You will also receive a very informative pre-surgery video by Dr Kittel. Again, you watch this before your appointment.

Dr Kittel can then focus on you during your Minor Surgery Assessment appointment. He can talk about important things that you want to know about rather than tick-boxing all the information over and over again.

And due to our efficient processes we can keep prices extremely competitive.

Our vasectomy service is convenient and efficient. All paperwork will be emailed to you and you can complete it on your phone and directly save it into your medical record. We will start with an application and pre-consent form. You will then be invited to an online webinar. During this webinar you will receive a lot of information and 99% of your questions will be answered. If you have any unanswered questions we then offer a telephone or face to face follow up, depending on preference. You only have to attend ONCE. For your vasectomy. Thats it. Private patients even get postal semen sample kits, to make the process even slicker and more convenient.


Following your procedure we will email you an aftercare video, a feedback link and a suture removal video (where required, in case you choose to remove your sutures yourself). We also provide an inexpensive suture removal and some patients can use their local GP services for this. We will also email you an operation report and detailed advice sheets. We offer a convenient image upload service during the recovery period, so we can asses your healing if necessary. Any face to face, telephone or online follow up is usually included in the price.

All our patients get an aftercare video they can take home and watch again. You will also get ample aftercare information before and after your vasectomy. We will be available for follow ups and there is usually no extra cost involved. We offer an extremely convenient confidential image upload service, so we can check your healing if required. We also offer telephone and face to face support where required at no extra cost.

Service Fees

For detailed service fees look here. Please study the page on quite thoroughly as it completely and transparently explains our fee structure.

Quotations in Minor Surgery are complicated as they follow the time it takes to remove a lesion.

We offer more detail and more online transparency than any other UK service we know.

The good news: Our full vasectomy package with Dr Kittel is available at one great price: £490. For more detail you can also look here:

Disability Access

There is disability parking at the clinic, but as car parking is tight it is always wise to pre-check with our team. Also, our team will ask every patient whether or not they have a disability and note it. This usually happens during the first call.

There is a disability ramp next to the disability car park. There is wheelchair access to the building and a disabled toilet available. Again, it would be helpful if we know of any disability beforehand. We also have a gender neutral disability toilet.


To call Dr Kittel in an emergency after your procedure has been completed, please use the emergency phone number in your aftercare email (download your operation report). Alternatively, please call our usual number and select option 4 in hours or option 2 when out of hours.

Please note, we do not carry out emergency procedures as we are an elective service by appointment only. However, we do provide appointments pretty quickly. In an emergency dial 999 or 111 or go to A&E.


Please familiarise yourself with our cancellation policy. We keep prices low by being strict. You do not subsidise others, they do not subsidise you. Important to be fully aware so there is no disappointment.

Please familiarise yourself with our strict cancellation policy. This is how we keep our prices low. If you do not attend you pay. Nobody else will take the hit. If someone else does not attend you don’t subsidise their lateness. They pay themselves. 

For patients lucky enough to have their vasectomy provided through the NHS (many locations do no longer fund NHS vasectomy i.e. West Berkshire or Oxford) we request cancellations in advance so another patient can benefit from your appointment. We take a dim view on non-attendance as non-attending patients are also high risk and as we cannot charge NHS patients we will immediately send your referral back to your GP. You then have to start the whole process from the beginning again and wait through the whole waiting list we will also invite you for an interview as in our experience patients that cancel multiple times are at the highest risk of regret.

Parking at the clinic

We have 4 parking spaces and a drop of zone at our clinic We also have ample care parking within 100-200 yards of the clinic should our car park be full. Please arrive a few minutes early, so you have time to park and enter without stress.

Click here for a Car Parking Map for Bourne End with tips and tricks for easy parking.

Online Payments

Book and pay for your Minor Surgery Consultation here. Following your consultation we will email you a quotation. The quotation has the cost of the consultation deducted. Once you have booked your appointment a payment link for 30% of the procedure value will be emailed to you to secure the appointment.

You can book an pay for any vasectomy package here 


Medical records are confidential and we will not allow access to your medical record without your express permission

Any information you share with us in whatever way will be kept completely confidential. And in the rare case of a human mistake (i.e. an email going astray) we will let you know straight away and remedy the issue as soon as possible.

Private patients

If you see us privately, no one else will be informed. Our records are not shared with any 3rd parties.


If you see us via a GP referral we are obliged to discharge you back with a discharge letter once your vasectomy has been completed and this will be recorded in your national patient record. The information may be visible albeit only anonymously to third party (usually as part of a statistics).