12 Furlong Road, Bourne End
Bucks, SL8 5DG

Opening Hours:

9:00am – 5:00pm (Mon-Fri)
By appointment only

Clinic Numbers

01628 969077
07973 663355


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Directions to the Bourne End Clinic

Find Below Directions using private and public transport. Our address is 12-14 Furlong Road, Bourne End, Bucks, SL8 5DG


Directions for patients using public transport

By train

Use the Elizabeth Line or any other train when coming from London or Reading. Stop in Maidenhead. Change to a train to Bourne End. Trains run weekdays 30-60 minutes. 25 trains a day. The clinic is 100 yeards from the train station.

By Taxi

Uber and Bolt both work in Maidenhead and Bourne End. Bourne End Taxis is an alternative. The number is 01628 201381

By Bus

The Bus service from High Wycombe stops literally right in front of The Bourne End Clinic

Directions for patients and drivers using private transport


Using an effective traffic app can help cutting your journey time significantly, because there are always areas of single lane traffic and lane closures etc. Beware of rush hour traffic.

General directions for patients from different areas.

Maidenhead or M4 East (coming from the West i.e. Bristol or Wales)

Maidenhead patients are usually best advised to come over Cookham Bridge although driving via the A404 may be an alternative depending on your location in Maidenhead.

Slough or M4 West (coming from London)

Slough patients are advised to use traffic apps as the back roads are usually much quicker and Bourne End is extremely close (10 minutes away) from West Slough. Patients coming from the M4 London are often best and quickest to come off junction 7 and use the roads through Burnham up to Clivedon (a beautiful country estate). These roads are usually empty and not congested although they can be a bit tight for large or wide cars. Alternatively you can use the directions via Maidenhead (if you worried about tight country lanes). The use of a traffic app helps (use Clivedon as a stopover)

High Wycombe or M40 East (coming from Banbury / Birmingham)

Patients from High Wycombe are usually best using the A404 although it can sometimes be congested. But the direction towards Bourne End tends to be OK. Bourne End is the first turn off on the A404 when driving from High Wycombe and is signposted well. Patients coming down the M40, please use the junction 4 turn off (High Wycombe)

M40 West (coming from London)

Come off junction 3 on the M40 and make your way down via Wooburn Green (or if traffic via Flackwell Heath). The clinic is very close to the turnoff.

Limited Parking at the clinic

Parking in Bourne End is generally easy and straightforward although it can be a bit congested in a few hot spots. The clinic has 4 car parking spaces. You can use all spaces including the disabled space UNLESS there is a cone on it. Staff is usually parking off-side to allow patients convenient access. If you need disabled access please let the clinic know so we can reserve the disabled car park for you (we put cones on it for you)

In the unlikely event you cannot find a car parking space at the clinic, there are a large number of car parking spaces all within 5-10 minutes walking distance of the clinic. We also have a drop-off zone at the clinic your driver can use and then either park nearby or wait until a car park becomes available. The drop of zone is marked “ambulance” to stop non-clinic visitors to park there, not because we ever had an ambulance at the clinic.

For comprehensive nearby parking advice click here