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The Bourne End Clinic Disability Access Statement

Disability Access

If you have any special needs it is important to us that you let our staff know so that we can help and ensure that you get the same support consistently throughout our service delivery. Evidence shows patients with disability value our support and services just as much as patients without disabilities. Last year approximately 2% of our Minor Surgery patients had a disability and all of them said it was no issue and we accommodated them well. Find below statistics of patient feedback regarding disability support in 2023

Wheelchair access

The Surgery has been specially designed to make it easier for disabled patients to visit. There are no steps at the entrance of the building giving patients easy access. Due to fire regulations, we do have heavy fire doors, however if you have trouble opening these please ask Reception for assistance as they are always happy to help.

Patients have access to a disabled toilet on the ground floor.

Disabled Parking

There is a dedicated disabled car parking space available immediately outside the front entrance of The Clinic.

Loop System

We have a loop induction system at the reception desk to assist the hearing impaired.

The Sarabec LA90 is a self-contained, light-weight, portable induction desk loop system suitable for one-to-one communication with someone wearing a hearing aid with a T facility

With no wiring or setting up, other than lifting the unit onto a table and switching on, the LA90 can be stored until required and be ready for use within seconds. The unit is simply placed on the desk/counter and the member of staff sits behind the unit and speaks, the integral microphone picks up the sound of speech. The hearing aid user sits in front of the unit with their hearing aid set on T and will hear the speech directly through their hearing aid.

The unit can also be used with personal inductive loop listeners

British Deaf Association

Blind/Partially Sighted

If you or family members are blind or partially sighted we can give you a large print of our information packs, upon request either as a printed copy or to your email. Please ask Reception for further information.

If you require assistance in completing forms we would be happy to help. Please ask a member of staff on booking in order that this can be accommodated.

For more advice and support for blind people please see the following websites:

Guide/Assistance Dogs

Guide/assistance dogs are welcome at the clinic but we ask that you be aware of other patients and staff who may have an allergy or fear of dogs. Please inform the staff on booking in order that relevant protocols can be followed. 

Evidence of Disability Support of Minor Surgery and Vasectomy Patients in 2023

According to our in-house feedback figures, 8 (just under 2%) of patients completing a Minor Surgery Feedback form and 11 (1.76%) of patients completing a Vasectomy Feedback Questionnaire had a disability. All patients with disabilities felt sufficiently supported and felt their disability was no issue.

Other Disability Websites:

If there are any other needs not covered by this document, please inform us and we will endeavour to work closely with you to ensure your individual needs are met.