12 Furlong Road, Bourne End
Bucks, SL8 5DG

Opening Hours:

9:00am – 5:00pm (Mon-Fri)
By appointment only

Clinic Numbers

01628 969077
07973 663355


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Dr Kittel’s private number


There are 4 patient care parking spaces and a drop of zone at the Bourne End Clinic. Staff is parking off-site so patients can reach us easily.

Find below further Parking opportunities around The Bourne End Clinic with tips and tricks.

Parking Advice The Bourne End Clinic

The Bourne End Clinic, 12-14 Furlong Road has 4 car parking spaces and a drop off zone for patients. 1 car parking space is for disabled users, but can be used by others if there are no other spaces available AND there are no cones on the space.
If you are running late and there are NO car parking space at Furlong Road you can always ask your driver to drop you off in the drop off zone. The driver needs to leave the drop off zone as soon as possible as this zone is used by ambulances, deliveries, other patients and other drivers.
Here are additional car parking spaces throughout Furlong Road:

Along Furlong Road (green double arrow – free parking):

There are some car parking spaces directly on Furlong Road. Close to the clinic car parking is only for 1 hour (marked on signs), but a little further along they are as long as you want them to be. Most patients will not be with us for longer than 1 hour, so all these spaces are usually OK in all but the longest patients. It takes about 1-5 minutes to walk from a car park in Furlong Road to the clinic. There are usually plenty of spaces along Furlong Road throughout the day.

At the train station (blue arrow):

There are plenty of park and ride car parking spaces at low cost available throughout the day (currently £3.80 for all day parking on a weekday). We have never seen it completely full. The walk, according to google maps is 4 minutes.

Wakeman Road Car Park (orange arrow)

The central car park in Bourne End is the so called Wakeman Road Car Park. The walk from there to the clinic is 7 minutes. The car park has ample spaces at low cost. The drive is 1 minute away from the clinic and if your partner can only drop you off he or she can also go shopping or have a coffee in Bourne End.